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free gift wrapping

We offer free gift wrapping for baby hakama products.


How to wear Tsukihana baby hakama

The "tsukihana" baby hakama is easy to wear even for infants, but we will explain how to put it on with illustrations.

What if you have trouble choosing the size? [Baby hakama]

We have summarized the sizing, which is often inquired about, using images of wearing by height. Please refer to the image of the child wearing it that is close to your child's size.

Choose a size for those around 80cm tall [baby hakama]

We received many inquiries about 80cm tall and were unsure of which size to choose, so my daughter, who is 82cm tall and weighs 11.5kg, wore size S and size M...

Combination of hakama and hair ornament-girl-[baby hakama]

We will introduce recommended styling of baby hakama and hair ornaments ♪ We will focus on hair ornaments unique to girls, with different designs for baby hakama and hair ornaments...

Combination of hakama and hair ornament - Boys - [Baby Hakama]

Introducing the recommended styling of baby hakama and hair ornaments ♪ Mainly hair ornaments that are easy to use even for boys...


How to care for Tsukihana Hakama [Baby Hakama]

For important celebrations such as the first meal, you may sweat a lot or vomit milk back... A baby hakama that you want to keep clean. every time...

About Our Brand


“Irreplaceable memories”

Between the time you are born and your first birthday, there are many special anniversaries that only happen once in a lifetime.

There are many important celebrations waiting for you at milestones in your child's growth, such as the shrine visit, first feeding, issho rice cake, first festival, and Shichi-Go-San.

In this day and age where it's so easy to record your daily life, why not celebrate your special moments with gorgeous costumes and cherish your memories?

What is the beginning of a meal?

What is the celebratory event held around 100 days after birth? We will introduce the meaning and history of the celebration of this historic traditional event in detail.

Where is the first meal?

When should I start eating specifically? Where and how? In addition, we will introduce the flow of the ceremony in detail!



Girl's first festival 🎎

On March 3rd, the Doll's Festival, the first annual peach festival is celebrated. Introducing how girls celebrate!

Boy's first festival 🎏

On May 5th, Children's Day, the First Festival is celebrated for the first time. I will explain how to do it!