ABOUT "tsukihana"

Irreplaceable memories with you, my precious one

It will add color to many celebrations and anniversaries, and those special records will eventually become gifts for the future.

This will allow everyone from babies celebrating their 100th day to children celebrating their Shichi-Go-San ceremony to look stylish in formal attire.

We offer a new style of celebratory attire that is a modern take on Only Japan.

Three features of tsukihana hakama

1. Full-fledged separate type

The separate top and bottom sections create the original, sharp silhouette of a hakama.

The hakama are made in the traditional "umabori hakama" trouser style, so you can enjoy the beautiful pleats from both the front and the back.

袴 セパレート

2. Very easy to put on and take off

The sides of the hakama obi have elastic in them, and they can be easily put on and taken off by attaching and removing the Velcro.


3. Wide range of series

By incorporating patterns of various styles, we propose unique styling that cannot be expressed with Japanese patterns.