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Tsukihana Hakama Selection of size around 80cm tall

Comparison between S size and M size

This is the beginning of the baby hakama.

Because there were many consultations that the height is around 80 cm and he was wondering about the size

Here is a comparison photo of my daughter who is 82 cm tall and weighs 11.5 kg wearing S size and M size 💛

As a result of wearing 2 sizes...

The M size was still a little too big for my plump daughter, so I think the S size would be better. But the S size waist is just barely.

For slim children, we recommend S size.

⚠️Even if the child is the same height and weight, the feeling of wearing will differ depending on the child's body shape⚠️

Click here for images of other heights ↓↓↓

Tsukihana Hakama If you get lost in choosing a size? [By height/Reference images] – Baby hakama tsukihana (

front comparison

▽▽▽ Impression of wearing M size ▽▽▽

🌸Because the waist of the M size was still large, we used "additional parts" to adjust the waist size.
Please check the last image for additional parts.
*Additional parts are shipped together with all hakama products.

🌸M size still has a long hem, and it goes down to the chest! And pull up the hakama and wear it. The person himself seemed to be a little difficult to move.
In addition, the sleeves of the kimono were still a little long, which seemed to bother me a little.

⚠️Please be careful not to fall down by stepping on the hem⚠️
⚠️The length is set short to prevent falls⚠️

side comparison

additional parts


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