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about "tsukihana"

What is Tsukihana Hakama?

The baby hakama was so cute✨
It was well made with beautiful fabric, and it added a touch of glamor to every family celebration.
It's a size that I can wear even after I can walk, so I'm looking forward to it in the future 👀

noriko akaogi @nori_red

The folds of the hakama are solid and the construction is professional, but it's easy to put on and the Velcro tape makes it perfect! !
There is a non-slip on the inside of the waist, so even my petite daughter didn't slip 👏🏻

maimaiko_baby @maimaiko29

Baby hakama is really cute and recommended 🌸
Besides eating at the beginning of the meal, it's gorgeous to wear on New Year's Day and the first festival, so it's a must-have item😍

Yoko Ikai @xxyikxx


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《Noshi》 《Ribbon》 You can choose from two types.

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How to wear Tsukihana Hakama

The "tsukihana" baby hakama is easy to wear even for infants, but we will explain how to put it on with illustrations.

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Confused about choosing a size?

We have summarized the sizing, which is often inquired about, using images of wearing by height. Please refer to the image of the child wearing it that is close to your child's size.

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Size selection around 80 cm tall

We received many inquiries about 80cm tall and were unsure of which size to choose, so my daughter, who is 82cm tall and weighs 11.5kg, wore size S and size M...

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Combination of hakama and hair ornament -Boy-

Introducing the recommended styling of baby hakama and hair ornaments ♪ Mainly hair ornaments that are easy to use even for boys...

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Combination of hakama and hair ornament -girl-

We will introduce recommended styling of baby hakama and hair ornaments ♪ We will focus on hair ornaments unique to girls, with different designs for baby hakama and hair ornaments...

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How to care for Tsukihana Hakama

For important celebrations such as the first meal, you may sweat a lot or vomit milk back... A baby hakama that you want to keep clean. every time...

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shopping guide

Before placing an order, please read the payment method, the number of days until the product is delivered, and how to change or correct your order.

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