Tsukihana Hakama If you get lost in choosing a size? [By height/reference image]

Hello. This is the beginning of the baby hakama.

Today, we have put together a list of sizes that are often inquired about, using images of clothes worn by different heights.

Please refer to the image of the child wearing it that is close to your child's size.

Please refer to the age of the moon when choosing a size for a gift.

* Please note that there are individual differences in height, weight and body shape even if the age is the same.

S size banner

Click here for images of wearing S size (70-80) for babies around 0 to 2 years old

S size wearing image 1

S size wearing image 2

S size wearing image 3

Medium size banner

Click here for images of wearing M size (90-100) for kids around 2 to 3 years old

M size wearing image 2M size wearing image 1


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