What to do when you're unsure of which size to choose for your baby's hakama? [Images showing how to wear them by height]

ベビー袴 サイズ選びに迷ったら?【身長別・参考着用画像】

For your reference when choosing size ♪

Please refer to the images of models wearing items close to your child's size.

⚠️Even if the child has the same height and weight, the fit may vary depending on the child's body shape⚠️

⚠️To allow for ease of movement and prevent falls, the length of the kimono sleeves and hakama are shorter than that of regular hakama.

If your child grows and the length of the hakama feels too short, we recommend wearing it with socks.

Small size banner

100th day celebration, first meal, first festival, birth celebration, etc.

For babies from 3 months to 18 months old, size S (70-80cm)

↓↓↓ A blog where a person 84cm tall compares the S and M sizes

This is a size between S and M, and is a good reference for choosing a size for people around 80cm tall.

Medium size banner

If you're over 80cm tall!

For kids aged 1.5 to 3 years old, size M (90-100cm)