How to care for Tsukihana Hakama


For important celebrations such as the first meal,

Sweating a lot, vomiting up milk...

Baby hakama / kids hakama that you want to keep clean.

It takes time and money to bring it to the cleaning shop every time, and it's hard.

It's okay if you can't take it to the cleaning shop!

You can take care of Tsukihana Hakama at home♪

This time, we will inform you about [How to wash at home] .

-Before you start washing-

・To prevent color transfer, wash separately from other laundry.

We also recommend that you wash your kimono and hakama separately.

・To prevent color fading, do not soak and wash.

・Do not use bleach.

・If you wash the kimono folded, it will not lose its shape.

・Doing so may damage the fabric. Please wash the hakama with the Velcro tape attached.

・Please remove the basting thread from the hakama before washing.

■ In the case of a washing machine ■

①Put the kimono and hakama in the washing net.

2. Wash with washing machine courses such as "soft", "hand wash", and "fashionable wash".

③ Dehydration is recommended for a short time to prevent deformation.

(4) After washing, immediately take out and adjust the shape, and dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place that is not exposed to sunlight.

*Please avoid using a dryer. There is a possibility that the fabric will shrink and the pleat processing of the hakama will collapse.

■ In the case of hand-washing ■

If you are worried about washing in the washing machine, we recommend washing by hand.

(1) Fill a basin with water and dissolve a small amount of laundry detergent.

2) Soak the kimono/hakama and wash it gently with your hands.

*Be careful not to rub the fabrics together.

③ Replace the water and rinse in the same way as washing. Repeat several times until the water is clean.

④Wrap the kimono/hakama in a bath towel, etc., and press gently to dehydrate.

*Be careful not to squeeze too hard.

⑤ Adjust the shape and dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place that is not exposed to sunlight.

~ About ironing ~

The setting temperature of the iron differs depending on the material of the kimono/hakama.

For the materials used, please check the quality display sticker on the cosmetic box or the quality display tag inside the product.

・Cotton, cotton linen Material ・・・Medium to high temperature iron

・Polyester material・・・low to medium temperature iron ※Use a pressing cloth