Baby Hakama Size selection for heights around 80cm

ベビー袴 身長80cm前後のサイズ選び

If you are around 80cm tall, size S (70-80cm)? M size (90-100cm)?

Between S size (70-80) and M size (90-100)

For reference when choosing a size for people with a height of around 80cm ♪

I asked a 84cm, 12kg , 1 and a half year old boy to compare both sizes😊

⚠️Even if the height and weight are the same, the fit will vary depending on the child's body shape⚠️

⚠️Please be careful not to fall due to stepping on the hem⚠️
⚠️The length is set short to prevent falling ⚠️

𓊆 S size 𓊇

✧The S size is the one that seems easy to move around in!

✧Waist size

It looks tough at first glance, but the velcro never comes off.

The elastic on the sides fits perfectly, so it won't fall off easily.

✧Hakama length

This short length is safe for toddlers.

If you match it with socks, it won't bother you so much.

Looks cute and baby-like

𓊆 M size 𓊇

✧M size gives you the look of a big brother or big sister!

✧Waist size

The waist is still a little big, so slender children will need adjustment parts (included with the hakama)

If you fasten the waist tightly, it won't fall off easily.

✧Hakama length

If you wear the hakama up to below your chest, the hem will not drag.

When walking as a toddler, there is a risk of stepping on the hem on stairs, etc., and assistance may be required, such as holding the hem.

*If you are less than 80cm tall, there is a high possibility that the hem will drag!

✧It 's a pants-type hakama, so it 's easy to move your feet✨

Click here for images of other heights ↓↓↓

Tsukihana Hakama What if you have trouble choosing the size? [Reference images by height] – Baby Hakama tsukihana-Tsukihana- (