What do you wear for the first meal?


Celebrations for babies around 100 days old

Okuizome is a ritual in which a child carries food to the mouth of a baby with chopsticks and imitates the baby to eat, with the wish that the baby will never be in need of food for the rest of his or her life.

I think that there are more and more people who use the meal plan of shops and hotels, and recently celebrate at home.

In addition to the eating at the shop, you can buy a set with dishes by hand or online shop. You have a lot of options.

The next thing to worry about is baby clothes!

How about putting on a cute "baby hakama" that you can only wear now for your special celebration?

With Tsukihana Hakama, you are sure to find the one that you like, among the Japanese modern hakama, the natural hakama, and the stylish and cute hakama.

Dressing them up in a slightly different costume will make them feel more special and make your photo shoot even more fun♪

S size (70-80) is recommended for children around 3 to 4 months old who start eating.

The separate type makes it easy to put on and take off even when your baby is lying down.

The inseam is divided like pants, so it is difficult to see the diaper even when sleeping.

Since it is a size that can be worn for a long time up to 2 years old, it can be worn in various situations such as half birthdays, first festivals (peach festivals, boys' festivals), New Year's, and siblings' Shichigosan.

M size (90-100) is also available, so you can wear it with your brothers and sisters.

Hair ornaments to match the baby hakama ♪

We have hair ornaments that suit you because you have thin hair.

Star anise is a popular hair accessory for boys.

For girls, "Hanamomo" and "Umekomachi" are popular.

Please enjoy coordinating your whole body with hakama.

photo by @ch1haru

Wearing "Mimosa hakama S size (70-80)"

Wearing "Konoha hakama M size (90-100)"

photo by @cancun_beach09

Wearing "Kamifubuki Hakama S size (70-80)"