Explain the girl's first festival! I will explain the meaning of the first festival and the costumes in detail!

Introducing the rules of family celebration, how to celebrate from girls' first festival costumes!

First festival is the first seasonal festival that a baby celebrates after being born. I want to celebrate with a cute costume. If it's your first child, I think you'll be fumbling with preparations, but you'll also have to worry about how your parents dress and how you treat guests. This time I will help such papa mama. I will explain how to celebrate a girl's first festival, how to return the celebration you received, and what to wear. Please dress your child in traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono and hakama and take cute pictures during the seasonal festival.

A girl's first festival! Explanation of the meaning of the first festival and the return of the celebration that you care about!

My first child and my first festival. While there are many unknowns, we will first provide basic information to parents who want to give a big celebration for their children. Here are some details about when and why to celebrate. In addition, we will explain how to return the congratulations received from parents, relatives, friends, etc., so please refer to it.

A girl's first festival! Celebrate the peach festival!

tsukihana for girls' first festival celebration costumes

Girl's Festival is also called "Momo no Sekku" because it is held during the peach season. The peach season is around August, but the peach season here refers to the peach blossoms. Peach blossoms bloom before cherry blossoms around March.

The specific date is March 3rd. This day is also known as Hinamatsuri. The festival culture was introduced from China, but originally this day was called "Joshi no Sekku". Jojo is the first day of the snake that comes around in March. In ancient China, the Joshi was considered to be a very bad day.

The reason for this is the sad event that three girls were born in the era of ancient China, but all three died three days later. People who thought this was a disaster held an event to wash away the impurities in the water. It is said that the day was Kamijo. This is the origin of the event, and it is said that events related to girls began to be held on the Jojo, and eventually developed into a celebratory event.

Not only in ancient China, but also in Japan, there was a culture of throwing human-shaped katashiro into water to ward off misfortune. Of course, there are various theories about its origin, but one of the theories is that the culture of seasonal festivals introduced from China and the culture of exorcising misfortune in Japan fused together to create the Joshi no Sekku.

Even now, there are remnants of the legend in the event of "nagashi-bina," in which hina dolls are thrown into the water. Hina dolls that are washed away are cute substitutes for my child. This is done to pray for the health of the child.

In this way, the festival is an event to pray for the health of children. Please keep in mind that there is a discrepancy in the dates, such as May 5th for boys and March 3rd for girls. And the first festival is the first festival that a child welcomes. Children born in February will celebrate their first festival in the following month, but it may be a difficult schedule for babies who are still poorly developed, such as shrine visits and other events.

If the time of the first festival is not long after the baby is born, it is recommended to wait for the baby to grow and do it after a year. In that case, it might be a good idea to simplify it, such as just displaying the Hina dolls.

A girl's first festival! Need a refund?

Return gift for girl's first festival celebration

Girls' first festivals are celebrated by their parents, relatives, and friends. It seems that there are a lot of dads and moms who are confused about how to return the celebration of the first festival. We will show you how to deal with it below.

Cases where you don't have to return

If you receive a congratulation from the parents of the papa mama, that is, the baby's grandpa or grandma, basically there is no need to return it. The same goes for relatives. For those who celebrated, the baby is a family member. It's a family celebration, so there's no need to be too formal. Don't prepare any festive items and invite them to a seasonal dinner party around the baby. You should be more than happy to have the opportunity to see your baby's face.

Cases that should be returned

Even among relatives, if you can't come to the dinner party because you live far away, it would be better to send a congratulatory gift. Also, if you receive a congratulation from a friend who is difficult to invite to your family's dinner party, it is recommended to return it.

Return rate and how to choose

As a guideline, the return amount is about 1/2 to 1/3 of the amount of cash or item received. Daily necessities such as towel sets, consumables such as seasonings, or catalog gifts are recommended. If you have a relationship with your partner, and if you can figure it out, try choosing it according to your partner's preferences.

After all, the baby is the one who received the congratulations, so it would be nice if you could send a thank you gift with a photo of the baby dressed up in a kimono and hakama and let them know how things are going. For those who couldn't come, please show the gorgeous Japanese-style baby. Everyone who congratulated us wishes the baby a healthy growth. Doing too much will make you care about the opposite, so use the market price as a guide.
A heartfelt letter or a picture alone should be appreciated♪

A girl's first festival! Explain the types of costumes and how to celebrate!

Since it's the New Year's holiday, you'll want to take a photo in your best outfit. Also, I would like to know how it is traditionally celebrated. Here, as knowledge for the day of the first festival, I will explain the clothes of the girl on the day. We will also touch on what moms and dads should wear, and introduce what they should do to celebrate.

A girl's first festival! About costume types

Types of girls' first festival costumes

On the day of the first festival, it is recommended to dress the baby, who is the main character, in a gorgeous costume ♪

If there is a group photo in the studio, I think that parents and relatives should wear formal clothes to some extent, but if the clothes are too exaggerated, it will be difficult to move around when taking care of the baby. A suit or jacket style for men, and a one-piece dress for women. It's safe to avoid clothes that your baby might get dirty and accessories that might be pulled.

Now, please let the baby who is the main character be dressed up as much as possible. We recommend the following outfits for girls' festivals:

baby dress

If the period from hospital discharge to the first festival is short, you may still use the baby dress you wore when you were discharged from the hospital. The baby is still small, so it might be a good idea to look forward to dressing up in new clothes next year.

Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

It seems that there are some families who wear twelve-layered ceremonial ceremonial ceremonial ceremonial ceremonial ceremonial ceremonial kimono shirts if the budget and the number of people who will take care of them on the day allow. It looks special and looks great in photos, but it takes time to put on and take off, so it may be a little early for a baby on the first day of the New Year. Please think about it after you become a little older sister.

kimono and hakama

As mentioned earlier, Girls' Festival is a traditional event that was introduced from China and developed by blending with Japanese culture. Considering the origin, I think kimono would fit nicely. Kimono and hakama are recommended for girls' kimono on the day. You may think that wearing a kimono and hakama for a baby is difficult, but tsukihana's hakama is authentic in terms of material and appearance, but it has elastic on the side of the obi and hook-and-loop fasteners to put it on and take it off. And so on, there are lots of ideas for babies.

Also, if you decide to wear a kimono with a baby hakama, I would like to prepare hair accessories that match it. tsukihana also has hair accessories that are perfect for kimono. Please check it out as well.

How to celebrate a girl's first festival! How to celebrate!

How to celebrate girls' first festival and what to wear

Let's celebrate the girls' first festival with the following events.

decorate hina dolls

As mentioned earlier, the Peach Festival is also called Hinamatsuri. In other words, decorating Hina dolls is one of the celebrations of the festival. By the way, do you know when to display the Hina dolls?

Actually, it is customary to decorate the hina dolls in advance, not on the day of the festival. Specifically, it is said that it is best to put out from the beginning of spring (around February 4) to around mid-February. Clean up will be done within 1-2 weeks after March 3rd. Legend has it that if you leave it out too long, it may delay your marriage.

go to a shrine and pray

Depending on the region, you may be asked to pray at a shrine. Before going out, please inquire at the big shrines in your area to see if they hold seasonal prayers. It's an opportunity to take out a baby in a gorgeous costume, so be sure to take a commemorative photo.

Have a dinner party around the baby

Invite your parents and relatives who gave you a celebration and have a dinner party. The following dishes are standard for celebratory meals at dinner parties.

  • Chirashizushi is made with lotus root, which is said to give good foresight, and shrimp, which is a symbol of longevity.
  • Osuimono: Clam soup is the standard, with a wish for a good match.
  • Hishimochi, hina arare, cute hina arare, and hishimochi, a three-tiered lozenge-shaped rice cake, are staples of the festival. It is made up of three colors: pink to ward off evil spirits, green to pray for good health, and white to pray for the prosperity of descendants.

Hina dolls, prayers, and dinner parties are also photo opportunities for commemorative photos. Kimono and hakama are perfect for taking pictures with Hina dolls. Please enjoy taking pictures.

Let's dress up the girls in kimono and pray for good health together!

The girl's festival was originally a culture introduced from China, and was an event to exorcise children's misfortune. Today, it is a fun celebration where families and relatives gather around the baby to wish for the healthy growth of the girl. Let your baby dress up in kimonos and other clothes that they can't usually wear, and leave wonderful memories while taking commemorative photos.

tsukihana offers special hakama that we would like you to choose on a sunny day. How about choosing a kimono for a traditional event?

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