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New original crepe textile “Ruri”

``Ruri Hakama'' is attractive with its pale watercolor floral pattern and milky colors.

Add cute color to your child's special day.

Made with luxurious domestic crepe material, it has a supple and elegant texture.

It doesn't wrinkle easily and fits your baby's movements.

Perfect for any special occasion, such as the first meal (100th day celebration), first festival (Doll's Festival/Children's Day), birthday, Shichi-Go-San, New Year's Day, etc.

For boys of different colors We also offer matching outfits for siblings, so you can enjoy matching outfits for siblings.

``Ruri Hakama'' will make your child's special moments even more adorable.

■Points of Tsukihana Hakama■

・The top and bottom are separated to create a sharp hakama silhouette, making it easy to change diapers♪

・Easy to put on and take off, no need to put on!
Just fasten the hakama with the velcro at the waist♪
Click here to see how to wear it

・Boys wear a cross-knot, and girls wear a ribbon-knot for a more authentic look.

- Pants type makes it difficult to see the diaper when sleeping and makes it easy to move your feet when walking.

・Slightly short length to prevent you from stepping on the hem and falling.Short length so that the cuffs and sleeve length of the kimono do not get in the way.

・Only the sides have rubber, so the front and back look neat!

・Can be washed at home♪
Click here for care instructions


  • Top (kimono): light gray x pink
  • Hakama: pink

*There are individual differences in how the pattern appears.


  • Top (kimono): 100% polyester
  • Hakama: 100% polyester

[Gender type]

  • girl

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S (70-80cm): 3 months to 1 year and a half after birth
M (90-100cm): Around 1 and a half to 3 years old

*Size details are listed at the end of the product image.

*The overall length of the hakama is designed to be short in order to prevent it from tipping over when children step on it.

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Ruri Hakama Girl 01G1031

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